Wall Graphics

When we hear empty walls, we know that creation mode is on!

That is your space to tell your story by designing the walls however you want, whether it is your home, office, commercial space etc. Consider wall graphic decals as an inexpensive way to make an impression. If designed properly, they can make a big impact even in a small room. Don’t you want to welcome your customers or guests in an environment that they will actually remember and be eager to share through posts and pictures? Not to mention that wall graphics are an excellent way of bold expression and customization- of your advertisement, brand, story, or place. Furthermore, its high-quality material is specifically designed not to leave glue residues, making it simple to apply and/or remove as needed whenever you want to redesign it.


Three Reasons to Use Vinyl Decals in Your Office

There are a few reasons we recommend storefront vinyl graphics for your business:

Pay less, recieve more

Vinyl Wall Decals are cheaper compared to other forms of decoration that you find on the market. If you’re looking for a logo on the wall, a vinyl sticker will cost you way less than getting your wall painted by a professional.

Fast and Practical

Fresh paint is expensive and time-consuming as opposed to vinyl film installation which only takes a couple of hours depending on how big the project is. As opposed to painting, wall stickers are fast and practical and will allow you to concentrate on more important matters.

Tailor made products

We know, and we promote the idea that vinyl decals are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every brand needs its own visual identity expressed uniquely, so we make it possible for you to choose your sizes, colors, type of vinyl, and your message.


Our shop has high-resolution, high-speed printers, and vibrant eco-solvent inks. Therefore, we assure you that your logo on the wall will pop out and catch attention when people pass by.

Do you want your office to look professional?

Is leaving a good impression every time a partner visits your place of business important to you? Do you want to inspire and build a creative atmosphere in your office? Then Wall Graphics is what you need.

Let your brand’s personality shine through. It is enough to have one accent wall in your building to change the ambiance completely.

Our shop offers designing, printing, and installing services for all your business needs. Therefore, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what we can build together. Let the creative juices flow!

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