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By web design many people mean the purely visual design of the pages of the site, which affects its external perception. Whereas in reality it is, above all, the work on the optimal structure, usability and the most convenient arrangement of content. And from this point of view, it becomes clear that web design - it is largely the logic of presentation of information, which has a significant impact on the effectiveness of your site in many ways.


Web design process

Good design doesn't start with drawing in a graphic editor, but with design and analysis. We agree each step with the customer and can always argue our design decisions.


A brief is a specific list of questions that we ask the client to understand what they are doing and what kind of design they want to get in the end. At the stage of the brief no one owes anyone anything. So it's just an introduction to each other.

Niche analysis

After the approval of the brief and the transition to the second stage, we enter into a commercial relationship with the customer. We agree on terms and payment process and start analyzing the niche and competitors. This stage is one of the most important, because if you do it properly, it will facilitate the follow-up work.


A prototype is an intermediate version between the final design and the designed structure. It already looks like a finished site, but without detailed elaboration. During the prototype, we work directly with the composition and layout, selecting fonts.

Final design

Here we come directly to the design in its usual sense. At this point, you need to add colors to the prototype, align everything strictly to the grid and tweak the indents, add pictures and icons to where they should be.

Preparing & Development

We prepare a small style guide (UI-kit). We specify what colors, fonts and their style, UI-elements and their states. Next, optimize all the images to reduce their weight, because the "lighter" images, the faster the site loads. The final step is layout and integration into cms or pure programming and connection of the admin panel for the client.


Search Engine Optimization - is the refinement, development and promotion of the site, taking into account the requirements of search engines. The main task of a search engine is to give a quality answer to the user's query. That is, to choose among the many sites the most relevant, convenient, informative and authoritative.

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