Commercial Vehicle Wrap

Get your business noticed in real life! If you’re still driving around in a car that does not have your logo, phone number, and services on it, you’re leaving some serious money on the table.

The wrap effectively promotes your brand or marketing message while also looking professional. With such creative freedom, you can use any combination of text and graphics, including decals if necessary, to give your commercial vehicle a completely unique finish. Your company car is basically a moving billboard, and AdWrap Graphics is ready to turn your regular vehicle into a four-wheeled marketing engine that you're excited to drive!


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We offer real expertise, we use high-quality vinyl, premium eco-solvent inks, and provide excellent graphic design services.

Full Commercial Wraps

Full vehicle wrap covers the entire vehicle from top to bottom (except for the roof, which is optional). Full covering undoubtedly involves taking advantage of all promotional opportunities and maximizing brand exposure. A full wrap is always the first choice for boosting brand awareness and reflecting your style.

Partial Commercial Wraps

Partial wraps only cover a certain part of the vehicle or 3/4 if to be exact. Obviously, even less expensive, but informative and clear- your brand name, logo, phone, and website addresses, or whatever else you wish. You don't always need to go all out to make a big impression!

Half Commercial Wraps

This type of wrap covers only half of your vehicle but, "Less is more," as the saying goes. You can still get wonderful exposure at a lower cost— especially if it reflects your or your brand's personality. The use of a half wrap appearance with a front/back or sides division can add a lot of dynamism to your brand and increase brand recognition. This is what you could call a starter kit.

Wrapping your commercial vehicles is a smart business move for a few very completing reasons:


Fleet wraps offer your brand continuous visibility. Vehicle wrapping transforms your fleet into a mobile billboard that is going to roam the streets of Chicago and work for you even when you’re parked.


Commercial vehicle wraps are versatile. Of course, the design possibilities are endless. Therefore, your brand elements will look exactly like you want them to, no compromises. We will print your message in full vivid colors that stand out and be in agreement with the rest of your design.


Your ultimate goal should be your potential customers attention. Commercial vehicle wraps are high-resolution artworks used as tools to express your brand’s individuality and emphasize a message.

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